Friday, 8 July 2011

Wales's National Museum of Art, or shameless promotion of my place of work

Not strictly cpd23 things related but it's all most of us at work can think about at the moment.

Amgueddfa Gelf Genedlaethol - Wales National Museum of Art is opening to the public this weekend.  It's a really big deal and includes the unveiling of the brand new contemporary art galleries in the west wing of the building, which had been closed for refurbishment since 2007!

I was lucky enough to look around the galleries a few months ago, after the refurbishment was finished but before any art was installed, and thought they looked stunning.  They've done an amazing job, somehow managing to make it look modern but at the same time still in keeping with the age of the building and the other gallery spaces.  They had originally seemed like small rather dark spaces, but the team has opened everything out and they are now spacious and full of light.

On Wednesday we got the chance to see them with all the art works installed, and I have to say they looked great.  Amgueddfa Cymru is known for its impressive collection of Impressionist works, but it's clear that our selection of modern and contemporary art is pretty strong also.  One of my favourites was a Richard Long installation in the very top gallery.

And the best thing is, it won't be a static display; the art department is committed to rotating the works on display on a regular basis!

So if you happen to be visiting Cardiff you should definitely make a point of coming to see the new National Museum of Art


  1. This looks amazing! Had no idea this was going on. Is it in the same building as the museum by Cathay's Park? I'm next in Cardiff in August, so will definitely try and visit. Thanks for spreading the word!

  2. Being excited about your workplace is a fabulous thing! Here's to making through lengthy refurbishments and to the grand opening of the lovely space.

  3. Yes, the new National Museum of Art is in the Cathays Park building. It takes up all of the top floor, with the natural sciences and archaeology on the ground floor. It really is a lovely space, and well worth a visit!

  4. Congratulations! I heard about this on the radio last week. If only I were nearer to Cardiff... Also reminds me that I ought to post about the new exhibition where I work (