Friday, 8 July 2011

Thing 3

Personal Branding
First things first, I Googled myself (as suggested in the cpd23 Thing 3 post, not because I am weird).  I didn't appear on the first page, contrary to my long held belief that my name is spelt unusually (I've met loads of Christines but never another Kristine) it actually seems there are loads of us out there.  Got slightly side-tracked looking at the other Kristines, particularly and  Knew I should have registered my name as a domain ages ago, even if I was never going to use it.

Finally found myself (ha-ha) on the third page of results, on my employers website.  Of course that makes total sense; I'm not really 'out there' in terms of publishing or activity online so it would be unusual if I did appear at the top of the list.  Other than that, the only other result was my Facebook page.

I'm a little wary of the idea of 'branding', it seems very corporate, but if I join more social networking sites then it would be wise to have some sort of cohesion.  I'm keen to make my blog look a little more personal, but I feel I want to take a little more time to decide what to go with.  I've already changed my blog title a few times since first setting it up due to indecision over what to call it, so I'm not sure I want to commit myself just yet.


  1. Hi Kristine, saw your question about a South Wales meetup - there are at least five of us taking part at Cardiff Uni so plenty already to justify a meetup in the Diff.

    Now when do we do the Thing on how to organise ourselves??

    I work in Special Collections and would love to find out more about the Museum Library.

  2. Meet up discussions taking place on Twitter. My username is @alison__harvey and my colleagues are @Gemma_DS @darklecat @Ceridwen339 and @Mathomhouser. When you join for Thing 4 come and follow us and we'll arrange something from there.

  3. Hi Alison I've actually just joined Twitter (doing things slightly out of order) even though I haven't really got to grips with it yet. My username is @KrisWJ. Just saw a post from Adventures of a Welsh Librarian about doing a meet up in Aberystwyth or Swansea.