Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Thing 4 - better late than never

The problem I am having with cpd23 is I am doing the things, I'm just not making the time to blog about doing them.

I joined Twitter @KrisWJ, and have already found it incredibly useful.  Like a lot of people, my impression (quite wrongly) of Twitter was that it was just full of celebrities tweeting about what they'd just had for dinner.  Well probably there is a lot of that but it's also an amazing tool for professional networking, and I'm hooked already.  I think it is the immediacy (is that a word?) of it that is so appealing, the exchange of ideas is much faster than any forum I've experienced before.  And the 140 character limit is not as restricting as you would think, particularly as so many people use their tweets to link to blogs that can explain their point more fully.  Plus, I can access Twitter on my phone so it is very straightforward to keep up to date on the move.  When I first joined I was a bit nervous about how to proceed, but I found the following post from thewikiman really useful.

One of the things I'd been a bit overwhelmed with during Thing 2 was the sheer volume of cpd23 blogs out there, and how to possibly find the time to check them all out.  How to choose which ones to read seemed a bit like a lottery, you could use Twitter, recommendations from friends or serendipity, but there was always the chance you would miss out on someone whose blog would be of real interest to you.  The RSS feed bundle put together for the cpd23ers is really useful for that.  I can scan through recent posts and pick out the ones that catch my interest, much more informative than trying to pick from a list of just the blog titles.

Honestly I just can't be bothered with it (sorry).  I've tried to see the point of it, get enthusiastic about it, try it out, but it just doesn't appeal.  Probably not the best attitude to have.  Perhaps I'll give it a second chance later in the course, but for now I'd rather get on with the other 'things'.

And finally, thanks to Twitter I found this great post all about Thing 4 via Alan Rickman Genius!

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  1. I'm glad you're finding the RSS bundle useful. I must confess that I'm avoiding it - too much to think about there. I'm trusting to serendipity to find things!