Monday, 28 November 2011

Thing 23 - The Final Thing!

I did a bit of reflection on CPD23 as part of Thing 19 only a couple of weeks ago, so for this one I decided to have more of a "what next?" mindset.  I like the idea of setting up a PDP (Personal Development Plan), putting down some long and short term goals, and how to go about trying to achieve them. 

CDP23 has made me much more aware of the many different technologies that are out there, and one thing I am keen to continue with now it's over is learning more about what's out there.  Because I fell behind a bit I wasn't able to explore all the tools introduced to us as much as I'd have liked.  Now the course is over I have the time to go back and review some of them in more depth. 

I'm also keen to bring more of what I've learnt in this course to my day-to-day job.  We recently decided to start a blog and Twitter account at work, I'm not sure if we would have been so confident to do that if it wasn't for CPD23. 

And finally, I want to continue getting involved in events outside the workplace, such as attending conferences, joining professional bodies and keeping my online profile active.
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CPD23 has been a fantastic experience, I've learnt so much and feel it has given a renewed sense of purpose to my career progression, a massive thank-you has to go out to everyone involved with putting the programme together.

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