Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Thing 17 - Prezi and SlideShare

I rarely, if ever, have to do presentations, so my skills in that area end with PowerPoint.  To be honest I barely knew there were any other alternatives out there, I'd never heard of Prezi before, although I had used SlideShare as a way of accessing presentations that people had put online.

Because I want to get through the rest of the 'things' in time to get the certificate, I haven't spent that long experimenting with creating presentations, I just had a look at some of the exisiting presentations on the 'explore' section of the Prezi website and read some how-to guides such as Ned Potter's.

I think that while this is not something that will be of use to me now, if I am in the position where presentations become much more a part of what I do, it will be great to have the knowledge that I can use a more dynamic option.

Finally, if you want to see an example of an inspired use of Prezi check out the one on Library Wanderer's blog, all together now "chilling out, maxing..."!

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