Friday, 11 November 2011

Reading Aloud event - 5th November 2011

Last Saturday I took part in the BookIns Reading Aloud event at the National Museum Wales.  Organised by Leona Jones, it's the second of these events to be held at the museum (the first was back in March 2011 to celebrate International Women's Day) and aims to create an "aural and visual impact in unexpected places".

 Participating in the BookIns Reading Aloud event at the National Museum Wales

The theme of this event was travel writing, so we all brought along our favourite travel related books to read aloud for half an hour.  Mine was Round Ireland with a Fridge by Tony Hawks.

Courtesy of Amazon

Participants spread out over two locations, the Main Hall and the Welsh Landscape Gallery.  As we were reading a large screen in the Main Hall displayed images from the library's collection of travel books including; Gerald Cambrensis The Journey through Wales/The Description of Wales; Sarah Anne Wilmot's Diaries (c.1810) and Shirley Jones's Taith Arall/An Other Journey (2008).

Illustration from Taith Arall by Shirley Jones
The event was a great success, and I'll definitely be taking part in the next one to be held at the Museum, which is happening  in February 2012 to coincide with the LGBT week.

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