Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Thing 11 - Mentoring

Although I’ve never had a mentor I realised after reading the cpd23 blog post for this thing, and seeing the list of mentor qualities, that my current line managers could qualify as unofficial mentors.

We work as part of a small team so I see them all the time, my line manager has her desk on the opposite side of the office from me and we often talk across the room (although not when there are visitors there, heaven forbid!).  I've always felt able to discuss aspects of career development with her in this informal manner, and she has been able to help me with advice or information on many an occasion. 

And, it’s exactly the same with the head librarian, his office is accessed by walking through ours, so I see him coming and going all the time and often flag him down with questions.  His door is usually open so if there is anything I need to discuss I know I can pop right in.

As well as being very approachable, both my line managers are very good at encouraging us to take part in things.  It was due to their suggestions that I enrolled on my MSc in Librarianship, and they always took an active interest in how my studies were progressing.  Likewise, now I'm considering chartership they have been very supportive of the idea.

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