Monday, 29 August 2011

Thing 8 - Google Calendar

The theme of thing 8 is organising yourself, so it's ironic that it's taken me weeks to get round to posting about it.

I told myself it was because I really wanted a chance to play about with Google Calendar before I passed judgement.  But the truth is I haven't really been all that motivated to try it out, on first glance it just hasn't really grabbed me.

I already use a calendar in Microsoft Outlook to record work appointments, deadlines, and meetings.  However, I don't tend to use it to record non-work related appointments.  Also, I only work three days a week at the library, the other two days of the working week I have another job which doesn’t involve using a computer at all.  So, I use a diary to record appointments and to write reminders as I can carry it around with me in my bag. 

I had been thinking for a while that perhaps a diary that combined everything, personal and both jobs, would be of benefit, because at the moment it’s a bit like I change heads depending on which job I'm at.  But it would need to be something I could use on the go, so I downloaded Google Calendar to my phone and I fully intend to start playing about with it.

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