Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Thing 1

Hi, I'm a part-time library assistant working in a museum library.

I'm brand new to blogging so I decided to take part in cpd23 as a way to introduce myself gently to the concept.  I've been following a number of library blogs for a while now as a way of staying in touch with issues in the wider library sphere, but had yet to make the leap to actually creating one of my own, until now!

I initially found out about the cpd23 programme from the LISNPN website, and was attracted by the opportunity to further my professional development, gain some new skills and hopefully make contacts with others in the library and information world.


  1. Hello - I'm doing the CPD23 project too, as a way of keeping involved with the library community and getting some momentum behind my own professional development.

    I've decided to look into CILIP's certification qualification, which is the one designed for library assistants and other para-professionals. I've also recently got involved with the Affiliated Members group, which looks like it will be very useful.

    Your job sounds really interesting - I'm volunteering a day a week at my local museum at the moment, getting some cataloguing experience.

    I hope you find CPD23 a worthwhile experience.

  2. Hi there Lisa, and thanks for commenting.

    It’s great to hear from someone else working in the museum sector. I’d been hoping that cpd23 would give me the chance to get to know other people based in museum libraries. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet that many so far, and our working environments can be very different to other types of library. Hopefully cpd23 will give us all an insight into just how varied our jobs can be, and I’m looking forward to sharing some of my experiences of the types of work we do as the weeks go on.

  3. Hi Kristine!

    Just saw from your LISNPN post that you're blogging to take part in cpd23 so thought I'd come and say hi. I blog already but have set up a special one for cpd23, and I also look forward to the programme.

    Feel free to find me on Twitter when you get there! :-) I'm @rachel_s_b.

    Hope you find yourself enjoying blogging as much as I do.


  4. Hello Kristine,

    I work with special collections, and am interested in the 'heritage' sector more widely (especially in connection with outreach and community engagement), so I thought it would be interesting to read a few blogs from people working in museum libraries.